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Kevin Fitzgerald is an accomplished marketing executive who is Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy for Home Help Network, serves as adj. Professor of Marketing for Charter Oak State College and is the author of the Find 'em, Sell 'em, Keep 'em marketing-strategy book series.
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Note: Kevin’s Blog and opinions do not reflect those of Home Help Network, Charter Oak State College or anyone besides himself.

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Do you want to own a Black Hole?
In today’s economy, more and more companies are turning to recruiters to fill their vacancies. Hiring Managers have found themselves overwhelmed by the flood of job seekers, and can no longer use job boards to find candidates themselves. They are outsourcing the whole hiring project to recruiting firms, who manage every step of the hiring process. You can use this knowledge to your advantage by remembering these two rules:

  1. If you see a job you like at a company, do NOT apply directly to that company’s website. Company websites are known as BLACK HOLES because when you send a resume, you never hear anything again. The website sucked your resume away because the firm is too busy to respond. You'll need to turn to a recruiter to help you get an interview with that firm. BUT...
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Published Books
Spinning the Web: A Strategic Guide to Internet Marketing
The definitive collection of “how to” tactics and strategies for profitable Internet Marketing in the 21st century. Includes a step-by-step gameplan for creating a website and successful internet-based marketing campaigns.

The EGG-cellent Adventure
Mark Bunny and Cody Gopher were playing at the Skenandoa Golf Course when a rogue golf-ball knocked Mrs. Goose's egg far, far away. Will they be able to find it before it's too late?

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