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Kevin Fitzgerald is an accomplished marketing executive who is Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy for Home Help Network, serves as adj. Professor of Marketing for Charter Oak State College and is the author of the Find 'em, Sell 'em, Keep 'em marketing-strategy book series. Read More...
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Marketing Courses

I teach MKT 220: Principles of Marketing and MKT 330: International Marketing at Charter Oak State College.

Charter Oak State College was established in 1973 by the Connecticut Legislature to provide an alternative way for adults to earn associate and bachelor's (baccalaureate) degrees. The College is accredited by the Connecticut Board of Governors for Higher Education and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Course description for MKT 220: Principles of Marketing
Marketing is organizing, creating, communicating and delivering value to customers; and for learning the wants, needs or desires of a certain audience and using that knowledge to achieve a specific goal (such as managing relationships, getting them to purchase a product or service, having them tell a friend about you, or simply thinking about an idea or concept). This course will examine the basic principles of marketing - including the relationship between value, satisfaction and quality - and how to capitalize on this knowledge. The course topics including strategic planning, marketing communications, pricing strategies, ethics, e-commerce, and product life cycles, and more.

Course description for MKT 330: International Marketing
International Marketing is the process for maximizing transactions and relationships across international borders. Through the use of specific strategies and tactics, the objectives of individuals and organization (all parties concerned) can be both successful and rewarding. There are a wide range of International Marketing initiatives, including export-import trade, joint ventures, subsidiaries, operations, pricing strategies and product branding, to name a few.

Charter Oak State College is accepting applications for their courses. To register for either of my marketing courses, Click Here.

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